Looking for something different with a guaranteed return on investment? Then being a helicopter pilot may just be the right choice for you.

There is a global demand for Helicopter Pilots. There are many exciting and lucrative paths to follow in the world of rotor-wing aviation. The use of helicopters in the commercial world is constantly expanding, and obviously so is the job market.

Helicopters are widely used to monitor traffic, inspect pipelines and power lines, television production, VIP transportation, fire fighting, offshore, and everywhere in-between. Enjoy a diverse job filled with day-to-day challenges that require expert handling skills.

The big demand for rotor wing pilots has been created due to heavy demand in Helicopter Operations and number of Helicopter Imports to India. Currently 367 helicopters are awaiting their Permits and this number will rise exponentially with the increasing need for helicopter services in India.

An Estimated 450 helicopters will be added to India by 2012, and more than 350 Helipads are being built in the country mostly catering to the needs of air ambulance, high rise building evacuation, private helipads, corporate helipads etc...

Due to heavy demand for Helicopter Pilots in India all leading charter companies are offering excellent incentives to candidates to make their career in Helicopter Industry by offering them jobs even before they go for their CHPL course.

Salary of Fresh CHPL Pilots CHPL holders start with a salary of anywhere between 75.000 - 1.25 Lac as co pilots. After 6 months to 1 year they can earn anywhere between 1.75 - 2.75 Lac rupees.


A good Helicopter Pilot is currently getting paid 3.00 Lac Rupees and above. The demand for Helicopter pilots is going to touch a figure of 500 by year 2011 as mentioned by experts in the field of helicopter aviation as there is over 567 NOC's for Helicopter import filed by various charter companies as per DGCA sources.

Some applications of Helicopters where India will see exponential growth by 2010 are:

  • Deep Sea Oil Projects
  • Dam Projects
  • Disaster Management.
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Air Ambulance
  • Emergency Fire Fighting
  • Electronic News Gathering
  • State Police and Law Enforcements
  • Aerial Photography and Films
  • VVIP and corporate executive travel
  • Power line survey
  • Geophysical mineral survey
  • Aerial coverage of sports events
  • Helicopter tourism

Today Multinational companies like ONGC, ESSAR, RELIANCE, JINDALS, PUNJ, LYODD and almost all State Governments, wish to own their own fleet of helicopters for their own particular needs, charter services and offshore operations.

Helicop Aviation recruitment division has successfully placed all their Commercial Helicopter Pilots in the leading charter companies based in India. In case you are looking for a job opportunity in India as a Helicopter Pilot for both experienced or freshers. Please send us your CV at